TunnelBear Black Friday Deal

TunnelBear Black Friday Deal – Try TunnelBear for FREE 2022

A good and effective VPN server helps you access the foreign content just like you are the locals, and at the same time maintain your privacy.

One such Virtual Private Network that doesn’t share your information over the network is TunnelBear.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you all about TunneBear Black Friday Offers in year 2022 and how can you get the best deals out of it!

TunnelBear might not be the most advanced VPN service available, but it does promise a secure, functional and superior experience to its users. It is one of the favourite VPN services that come with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

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TunnelBear Black Friday Deal

This VPN server is the pet project of a Canadian company called TunnelBear Inc. in 2011. Since this service is compatible with all kinds of operating systems, it has clients from Windows, Android, iOS and Mac-like platforms.

TunnelBear keeps your data secure while working in the background. You just need to open the app, enter your country and hit the switch button, and you are good to go.

With one TunnelBear paid account you can secure up to five devices. And so till you are connected with the service, your activity online will be encrypted and your presence will be shown from the country that you selected.

Best TunnelBear Features

Let’s check out some more features before moving to the TunnelBear Black Friday Offers and deals 2022.

  • Blocks hackers and prevents data theft
  • Protects your online privacy
  • Prevents IP-based tracking
  • Bypass local censorship
  • Access global content
  • Strong AES 256-bit encryption

TunnelBear will be celebrating its Black Friday Sale very soon. Also, you can check out the TunnelBear Cyber Monday offers to get heavy discounts.

So keep reading to know more about the TunnelBear Black Friday Offers 2022, how you can get their lifetime membership and some discount coupon codes and more.

TunnelBear Black Friday Offers 2022

The TunnelBear Black Friday sale will be on in the coming Friday after Thanksgiving. It is the best time to upgrade your services and buy products as most of the companies offer exclusive deals to the buyers.

If you are also thinking of upgrading your TunnelBear free account, then you can check out these discount offers.

This year you can save up to 67% with TunnelBear services. Every year the discount price varies, and it seems that the TunnelBear Black Friday Sale 2022 is going to be the best giving the maximum of all the years.

Currently, you can avail the discount of 67% on its 3-year Subscription plan. So instead of paying $359.64 for 3 years, you are billed at just $120 for once.

  • Subscription Plan – 3 Years+ RememBear Password Manager Free
  • Regular Price – $359.64
  • Discounted Price – $120.00
  • Discount – 67%

TunnelBear Black Friday Sale Details- Subscription Plans

There are three different TunnelBear subscription plans from which you can choose. These three plans are Little.

Giant, and Grizzly Plan. The price structure of the VPN service is quite flexible and so you can test it anytime you want.

According to your requirement, you can opt for the monthly plan or the yearly subscription. However, it is the best that you go for the 3-year long TunnelBear subscription plan because with it you will get a discount of 67%. Yes, that a huge discount.

So let us check out the three different plans before we move to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and offers of this year.

Little Plan – The little plan is basically the free plan with which you get 500MB data every month.

If you are a power user then you might fall short of the data, but if you are using the VPN for specific purposes only then this much free data is enough. It is definitely the best option if you want to have a trial before making your decision.

However, the number of servers with this plan is limited.

Giant Plan– The next TunnelBear subscription plan is called the Giant plan which is billed monthly.

You can enjoy unlimited data at $9.99 only. However, it is not the best plan. If you want to continue the services for long, then you can opt for the Grizzly or the 3-year subscription option.

Grizzly Plan– It is one of the most beneficial plans. If you opt for this then you will get a discount of about 50%, and so you will be billed at 12 months for just $59.88.

3 Year Subscription Plan– Right now, the TunnelBear Black Friday offers includes the 3 year-long plan which gives you a discount of about 67%.

So you just need to pay $120.00 at once, and you can enjoy the VPN services for 3 years. Also, you get the RememBear Password Manager for three years for free.

Check out all the plans and discounts at their official TunnelBear website.

TunnelBear Cyber Monday Deals 2022

As the Black Friday sale 2022 is coming near, so is the TunnelBear Cyber Monday Deals. So what is Cyber Monday?

Just like Black Friday, the Monday after Thanksgiving is celebrated as the Cyber Monday when the various e-commerce platforms put up a sale on their various products and services.

People usually wait for this time to purchase goods as they get a good discount and can save their hard-earned money.

It is the biggest online shopping sale of the year, and so keep your personal data safe with the TunnelBear VPN Cyber Monday Deals 2022.

In this year’s Cyber Monday deal you will get a discount from 50% to 67%. Check out this TunnelBear discount coupon codes to avail the offer.

  • TunnelBear Cyber Monday Deal- 50% Off Coupon Code
  • TunnelBear Cyber Monday Deal- 67% Discount Coupon Code

How to Get TunnelBear Discount and Offers?

The TunnelBear Black Friday Offers 2022 are for a limited time period. So make sure you are ready with your decision to opt for a VPN service for your devices.

Here are the three simple steps through which you can get TunnelBear discounts and offers.

Step 1 – Browse the TunnelBear website. Or click here.

Step 2 – Now go to the “Pricing’ tab. Choose the plan you want and click on Get Started.

Step 3 – You will be redirected to a new window, where you can confirm your plan and enter your email Id and payment credentials.

That’s it. As you complete your payment, you can enjoy the different, top-class features of the VPN server.

Also, there is no such thing as TunnelBear coupon codes for discount. You will get the discount set by the company automatically.

TunnelBear Lifetime Membership – Can You Get Free Account Lifetime Access?

So most of the popular VPN services do not offer lifetime membership to its users. The longest subscription plan that you can get is of 3 years.

And if you buy it during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals are on, you can enjoy great discounts.

TunnelBear also offers a free plan in which you enjoy some limited features. You can continue with this free account lifetime access until you are fine with the limited bandwidth. However, you can upgrade the free account anytime you want.

Wrapping Up

TunnelBear offers high-end features and services and fulfils most of our requirements. Among the popular and major VPN services, it is one of the easiest and simplest servers. If you like its features and pricing, then wait for the TunnelBear Black Friday offers to get the most of it.

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