ExpressVPN Doesn't Work With Netflix

Fix ExpressVPN Doesn’t Work With Netflix (in 5 Steps)

Things get frustrating when you are trying to watch Netflix and your VPN phases out. I have heard and read complains that ExpressVPN Doesn’t Work With Netflix for some users. today, I will share possible ways to fix the issue with you. 

ExpressVPN helps you connect to the internet and browse securely so your internet footprint can be secured from hackers and the governments. You don’t want hackers to extract your data or the governments to track your online browsing history.

As you have complained that sometimes VPN stops working with Netflix, here is what you should know. 

In most cases it is proxy error, it’s possible to fix proxy error problems easily, and today I will share what exactly you need to do when ExpressVPN doesn’t work with Netflix.

Why ExpressVPN?

There have been many discussions on forums where many people have experienced ExpressVPN not opening Netflix, which should not be the case. ExpressVPN is equipped with all the important things to make using Netflix work perfectly. 

Some features of ExpressVPN

  • Media streamer Feature
  • Lightweight Protocol provides great speeds
  • Unlimited servers in the US, UK, and other countries with unique Netflix content.

So let’s take a look at why ExpressVPN doesn’t work with Netflix and how to quickly solve this issue.

How to Fix ExpressVPN Doesn’t Work With Netflix

To find how to solve these Netflix proxy errors, you need to start with troubleshooting. I have provided 5 methods to get ExpressVPN to work with Netflix again in this guide.

Check Your IP Address

If you got a Netflix proxy error message or you can not find the shows you love to watch on Netflix, the first thing that you should do is to check if your IP address has really changed.

To do that, search google for “what is my IP Address,” and it should reveal the current IP address you are using to connect to the internet.

Use WhatsMyip

If does not change when you turn your VPN on, then ExpressVPN is not correctly connected, which rarely happens. Fixing this issue is easy.

Turn your ExpressVPN off and then turn it back on again. This will likely fix the Netflix proxy error. Did it work for you? If not, then it wasn’t the problem; see other fixes below to fix it.

Update ExpressVPN Version

The reason why you might be getting this error could be due to your ExpressVPN application being outdated.

Netflix learns to block VPNs from time to time. So upgrading your VPN is something you must always do and keep in mind.


Change Server

If your IP changed, VPN connection, and you are still getting the same Netflix errors, you might have connected to a banned server by Netflix.

You need to switch to another server within the country you want to stream from. Once you find a server that works, add it to your favorites list of servers so you can easily connect to it. 

Change Protocol

You are getting the Netflix server error might be a protocol issue. ExpressVPN defaults to OpenVPN UDP protocol.

You can switch to the OpenVPN TCP protocol, which should solve it. Also, you can switch to the new protocol, which is the lightway

How to Change ExpressVPN Protocol

  1. Sign in to your router running ExpressVPN.
  2. Select VPN Options > VPN Preferences.
  3. Select your preferred protocol (lightway), then select Save.

Disable Your Firewall or Antivirus

Sometimes, security softwares interferes with VPNs, so you should try disabling your antivirus and firewall for a while. However, if none of these things I have shared help, here is what to do next.

Contact ExpressVPN Customer Support

Ask the customer; they should be able to help further. They are always available and want to help you solve your problems with why Expressvpn doesn’t work with Netflix. Their chat support is also available 24/7.

Wrapping it up

To conclude with why Expressvpn Doesn’t Work With Netflix or a troubleshooting guide. In most cases, your Netflix issues are caused by the VPN you use.

But due to some minor errors, they can be fixed with ease manually. But it is always wise to contact support so they can use their expertise to help you fix your Netflix proxy error.

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